Everybody wants to be part of a club that gets you free stuff. So come on in. The Yay! Rewards program gets you the most useful free stuff. And the most fun free stuff.

Gas. Food. Drinks. Snacks. What a range of rewards… Want to put in some windshield wash before you hit the highway? No problem – use your Yay! Points. Want to get gift cards for your favorite peeps? No problem – use your Yay! Points.

It’s the club that can get you the things you need and the experiences you want to have! So join the club – get your Yay! card today.

How to Apply

Signing up for Yay! Rewards is simple. Fill out a registration form online or next time you visit one of our 41 North Atlantic or Orangestore locations and walk away with your very own Yay! RewardsCard.


You can choose a blue card, or red. Or something perky like yellow. Not into primary colors? That’s ok! We also offer jazzy options like purple, orange and green. Whatever your choice, don’t let the pressure get to you. Each color has equal opportunity to win some incredible prizes in our Color of the Week promotion. Just follow your heart.

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Province: Available in Newfoundland and Labrador only.

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Need help? Call 1-800-386-7757 for assistance, Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.



Get in on exclusive points offers and contests – available by email only! Yay! Listers collected over 35 million bonus points in 2014, plus they’re eligible for other awesome prizes and experiences, like this year’s Rod Stewart VIP Weekend.