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What is Yay! Rewards?

Yay! Rewards is North Atlantic’s loyalty program.

How do I get a Yay! card?

Yay! cards are available at all 46 North Atlantic branded gas stations by completing and submitting an application form at the cash. Cards are ready to use right away.

Do all North Atlantic locations accept Yay! cards?

Yes, all 46 locations accept Yay!

How many Yay! points do I get on a purchase?

When you pay with credit card, you get 10 Yay! points for every dollar spent. When you pay with cash or debit, you get 20 points for every dollar spent—double! For example, with a $70 purchase, you get 700 points if you pay with credit card and 1,400 points if you pay with cash or debit.

Are Yay! points awarded on everything that I buy in the store?

Almost everything. Yay! points are not awarded on tobacco products, alcohol, or the purchase of gift cards.

What is a Yay! point worth?

1,000 Yay! points are worth $1 towards anything in the store (except tobacco and alcohol).

What can I get for my Yay! points?

Yay! points can be used like cash for almost anything sold in a North Atlantic store, including gas! They cannot be redeemed for tobacco products, beer, alcohol and bill payments.

Is there a minimum amount I must spend to get Yay! points?

No. There is no minimum spend.

Is there a minimum amount of Yay! points I must have before I can redeem them?

No. You can redeem at any time. There is no minimum.

Is there a points catalogue?

No. Since Yay! can be used to purchase almost anything in our stores (the same as cash) you don’t need a catalogue! Simple!

Do Yay! points expire?

Your Yay! points don’t expire as long as you’re using your card. If there is no activity on your card for two years then your card will be automatically cancelled.

What if I forget my card? Can I still get my points?

Yes. If you forget your Yay! card at the time of purchase you can bring your receipt back to the store within seven days of the date of purchase and you will receive credit for you purchase. You MUST return to the same store where you made the original purchase to get your points.

What is the colour of the week and what can I get if it’s my colour?

The colour of the week is a big deal! Every week, we pick one of the nine colours to be the colour of the week. Everyone who has that colour card will earn DOUBLE points all week long – that’s 20 points per $1 spent on credit cards and 40 points per $1 spent with cash or debit. So, using the previous example of a $70 purchase, if you paid by credit card during the colour of the week, you earn 1,400 points and if you paid by debit or cash you will get 2,800 points! How sweet is that!

Can I have more than one card?

There is a limit of ONE Yay! card per person.

Can everyone in my family collect Yay! points on one account?

Yes. Your Yay! card comes with 2 key fobs, which allow up to three people to collect their points together on one account. However, only the holder of the magnetic strip card – whose name is on the account – will be allowed to redeem points.

Can I get additional key fobs?

Your Yay! card comes with 2 key fobs, the maximum allowable for one account. If you need more fobs, pick up another card under a separate individual’s name.

Can I get a Yay! card for my company or organization?

Yay! is designed for individuals. You can apply for a card in the name of any individual at your company or organization, but we cannot issue cards in the name of the company or organization.

My receipt says “Unregistered” on it. What does that mean?

When you first pick up your card at a North Atlantic station your card is unregistered but can still accumulate points. It usually takes about 1-2 weeks – from the time a store sends in the registration form to our head office in St. John’s – until the card has your name on it. An unregistered card will not allow the card holder to redeem points until it is processed and in your name.

My points balance doesn’t seem right. What’s up?

If you make frequent purchases at our stores you may notice that from time to time your points balance does not seem to add up. It may take up to 24 hours for your points to update in our system so if you are purchasing several times in one day, your previous purchases may not yet be reflected in your balance. Rest assured that all of your points are added to your account within 24 hours.

My points balance is showing up on my receipt as zero. I know I have some points. Why aren’t they showing up?

All of our stores are connected to our head office via the Internet. From time to time the Internet connection with one of our stores may be down due to technical difficulties. When this happens, the store cannot retrieve your point balances and therefore prints a zero on your receipt. Rest assured your point balance is safe and secure and the points you earned on that purchase will be added to it as soon as the Internet connection is reestablished.

The Yay! brochure talks about contests, prizes and other exciting events. What is all this about?

The Yay! program is meant to be fun! This is what makes our loyalty program different from others. To keep it fun we will be continually running promotions and events – more chances to win free stuff!

Who can I contact for more help?

For any questions about the Yay! Program please contact us online or visit any of our North Atlantic stores across the island.

I lost my card. What do I do?

Contact us right away so we can cancel your current card. Pick up a new one at any North Atlantic and indicate on the application that you wish to transfer your current/cancelled card’s points to a new one.

My key fob or magnetic strip card doesn’t work. What do I do?

To ensure you can continue to collect your points, be sure to pick up a new Yay! card at any North Atlantic and note on the application that you would like to transfer from current card (include current card’s last 7 digit number). Please note that we cannot re-print your card’s original number for you, as your new card will have a different number assigned. Your old card’s number should be indicated on the application form in the top left hand corner so a transfer of points can be done once the new application is received by head office. While we make every effort to ensure this is completed in a timely manner, it may take up to 2-3 weeks to complete.

How much credit does my Yay! card give me?

Your Yay! card is not a credit card, it is a points card only.

Can I check my Yay! points balance online?

Yep! Just click here to check your points balance.