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About YAY! Rewards

A points program that will make you scream YAY!

Best value on the road. You get points on every qualifying dollar you spend at any Orangestore or North Atlantic plus your home heat purchases. Use these points for gas and snacks or watch your account fill up!
Fill Up Your Account

Collect faster.

Rewards programs should do exactly that – reward you. You get YAY! Points for every dollar you spend. Air Miles? $20 minimum. Valumax? You only save 1¢ per litre on the first 25 litres. We don’t do that stuff.

How It Works

Redeem sooner.

YAY! Points are everyday points. Collect and use them on gas and snacks or staples like milk and bread – not some big purchase that seems to require more points every time you check.

You're Always Saving

Save on gas.

Worried about the cost of gas? With YAY! you earn points on every qualifying dollar you spend – so you’re getting savings every step of the way. This averages out to be about 2-3¢ per litre and it can go sky high if you swipe when it’s your colour of the week (double points) and join our email list!

A Little Extra

Bonus rewards.

It’s like a bonus of a bonus. Get more YAY! Points simply by joining the YAY! List and participating in bonus points promotions. We also have giveaways — so concert tickets, trips, and other great experiences could all be yours simply by being a YAY! member.

We Are Just Like You

By Us. For Us.

We’re not some big corporation from the mainland. We’re from here, just like you. That means all those great summer prizes are for Newfoundlanders and Labradorians, our stores are staffed and franchised by locals, and most importantly all of our customer service has that Newfoundland and Labrador charm.

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